Cape Winelands Wedding Venue

Cape Winelands Wedding Venue

With its scenic beauty and dramatic mountain ranges, Paarl displays the beauty of Africa at its finest. This makes it an excellent choice to hold a contemporary African wedding.

Incorporating different cultures and traditions into a wedding theme can be tricky – but it gives the opportunity for a unique wedding. Here is a guide on how to plan an African wedding with a contemporary twist.

A United Front

Planning a wedding can be stressful at times, and even more so if your family want to have their input in your plans. If you are planning to combine traditional African traditions with modern Western traditions, be prepared for a lot of opinions coming your way. Family and friends will have their thoughts of what you ’must’ include on your big day. It is important to remember that this day is about you and your partner, so ultimately it is about what you want. Communicate with your family and friends that you appreciate their enthusiasm and excitement, but the decision ultimately comes to you and your partners. Be firm and respectful, and ensure that you and your partner always present a united front.

The Wedding Venue

Nature is a big part of African culture, so look for a beautiful outdoor venue. Paarl features beautiful greenery and dramatic mountain-scapes and makes for an excellent backdrop for a wedding.

If your family and friends will be travelling to Paarl from far, provide them with a list of options for accommodation in the area. Your wedding venue may be able to help you with this. Include accommodation options with varying rates. Paarl has options to suit most budgets.

Decide on the ‘Must-Have’ Wedding Traditions

In every culture, weddings come with many different traditions. And when combining two cultures, you now have two lists of traditions to choose from. Sit with your partner early on and discuss the traditions that are important to you both and that you want to incorporate.

Choose the right wedding venue in the cape wineland

Wedding venues in Paarl area will certainly have plenty of experience with western weddings, but may not have experience with African weddings or African customs. Ask your venue if they have any recommendations. Interview your vendors carefully to ensure they are comfortable with your requirements, and that will be able to deliver appropriately. If you have the budget – hire a wedding planner with experience in African and Western weddings. Not only have they gone through the process before, but they will be able to guide you with your planning.

Enjoy the process

It’s easy to get caught up in the all the deposits, decisions, and deadlines, but don’t forget what this is all really about! When you find yourself getting too stressed, think ‘in 10 years’ time, will this matter?’ The answer will probably be a resounding ‘No’.

If you find you are your partner are spending most of your time discussing wedding details, take a step back and refocus. Perhaps plan a date night when you don’t talk about anything wedding-related for the whole evening. Just focus on being together and enjoying each other’s company.

The day of the wedding will likely be an emotional one. If you are struggling to deal with everything, take a moment to yourself. Step outside and enjoy the natural, peaceful beauty around you – then go back and enjoy your magnificent Contemporary African wedding in the Paarl Winelands!