Planning your Vintage Wedding in Paarl

Vintage Wedding Venue Paarl

A vintage theme is the ideal theme for a wedding – it will never go out of fashion! The term ‘vintage’ officially refers to the era between the1920s and 20 years before the present day. However, as the popularity of vintage weddings has increased, the term has come to include the feel that the couple wants for the day – personal, family, intimate, cosy, handmade.

Paarl – with its variety of beautiful venues from family-owned farms to country houses – is ideal for your vintage wedding. Planning your vintage wedding can be stressful, so here is a guide to get you started with the biggest and most important elements of your vintage wedding.

Vintage Wedding - Ceremony and reception venue

The venue sets the stage for your overall wedding look. It is therefore a very important decision. Finding the right vintage venue will inform the rest of your décor and design decisions. You already know you want a vintage wedding, and you want it in Paarl. This is a great start, and narrows down your potential options.

Start by looking at the websites of potential vintage wedding venues in Paarl – they will likely have plenty of photos of the venue, and possibly even photos of previous weddings held there.

A rustic barn will provide the ultimate vintage charm. Or if you prefer an outdoor wedding, look for a venue that has a beautiful garden setting and rolling lawns.

The more your venue fits in with the vintage look and feel, the less actual décor you will need to add. This means you have more time and money to spend on the other elements of your vintage wedding.


The décor is a key element in bringing the vintage theme to life. If your chosen venue already has many elements that fit a vintage theme (for example a rustic, but glamourous barn, crystal chandeliers, a rose-filled garden), then you will not need to do much extra. If the wedding venue in Paarl that you selected is experience in hosting vintage weddings, then they will likely have everything you need.

If you are bringing in your own décor, choose materials and colours that will complement your chosen venue.

Paper suite

The ‘paper suite’ refers to all the paper-based items you will be using throughout your wedding. They include the save-the-date cards, wedding invitation, ceremony program, table settings, seating charts, and thank you cards.

Give your guests an idea of what is to come by selecting appropriate vintage-themed save-the-date cards. You can use old styles of lettering, or even have a vintage-themed engagement shoot and use those images. Select a theme/motif that you can carry through to the rest of the paper suite.


Now that you have chosen your vintage wedding venue, the décor, and the design of your paper suite, you can focus on how you and your fiancé will dress.

If you want, you can go for a genuine vintage dress, but it tends to look a bit out of place. Rather, go with a vintage-inspired dress, and add one or two authentic vintage pieces to complete the look. Pearls instantly adds an elegant, vintage touch to any outfit.

For the men in the wedding party, elements such as a waistcoat, suspenders, and classic fabrics such as tweed add a vintage charm while still looking stylish.