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Almost as soon as you announce your exciting news, the questions start rolling in. ‘When is the big day?’ Where will you have your wedding?’ ‘How many people are you going to invite?’ ‘Can I bring my boyfriend/girlfriend/cat'?

There are so many decisions to make – big and small – that it can seem quite overwhelming. One of the big decisions (and one that will have an impact on many other decisions), is the theme of the wedding. If you are feeling a bit stuck on how to choose a theme that works for, here is a guide to get you started.

Where will you be getting married?

A wedding venue in Stellenbosch is one of the most popular choices for a wedding held in the Western Cape. Stellenbosch wedding venues have gorgeous surroundings – often on farm settings – and are very classy. This type of venue is also very flexible in terms of a theme. A big barn set on a large landscaped garden is perfect for a rustic theme, while a venue with vintage interiors and crystal chandeliers set the scene for a romantic theme. You can use the venue as the starting point for your theme.

When will you be getting married?

The time of year and season you choose to get married can help you with choosing your colour scheme and theme. A spring wedding is a perfect time for an intimate garden wedding, with beautiful pastel colours. In contrast, holding a wedding indoors in a cosy, romantic barn setting will work well in winter. Starch white linen and rich jewel tones will set the scene.

If you are unsure of your venue, the time of year will also help with choosing your venue. A summer or spring wedding will be a great time to have a beach wedding. A winter wedding will need to be inside, so a rustic barn or elegant ballroom would be ideal.

Create a wedding mood board

While you may not know exactly what want your theme to be, you may get a better idea of what you want when seeing pictures of what other brides have done. Pinterest is the perfect place for this. Create a board, and start searching for ideas. For example, if you know you want to have your wedding in Stellenbosch, you can search for ‘wedding venue Stellenbosch’, or ‘vineyard wedding’. After saving 10 or 20 images, you can go back to your collection. You should start seeing common elements come up, some as colours or types of flowers. You can even look at other brides’ mood boards for ideas.

Personalising your theme

Now that you have a better idea of your theme, you can start personalising it. The key to personalising your theme is to bring in elements that will remind people of you and your fiancé. This could be a favourite colour, a special place, or even a song that has some meaning to you.

Some couples even go all out with their themes, for example, Harry Potter or football-themed weddings. While this can be fun, be careful not to go too over-the-top. Rather incorporate elements in simple, understated ways.

Three popular theme ideas to help you get started

  • Vintage: Think lace, a muted colour palette, chandeliers, and a five-tier white cake. A vintage theme is very elegant and can be used for both indoor and outdoor weddings.
  • Rustic Chic: The key to a successful rustic theme is starting with the right location. From there, you can add the complementary décor. Rustic chic weddings suit garden, country, or vineyard wedding venues.
  • Classic Romance: This is a theme you can look back on in 50 years, and it won't look dated. Lots of white with accents of silver or gold and lots of flowers set the scene. For the outfits – you can't go wrong with a fit-and-flare gown, a classic black tux, and formal floor-length gowns for the bridesmaids.


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